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Too many region restrictions.

Most stations I want to listen to are region blocked. Otherwise its stable and very functional.

TuneIn Radio

Is an excellent app. I use it everyday to record and dont miss my favorite talk programs and I love it! Is my favorite app!

Good app when it works

Constantly have to delete and redownload to get it to work properly.

The best app for radio and music I experienced.

Really amazing in its variety and sound quality. With the Pro version the preferred items recording is allowed.

Great App

Tunein Pro is everything I need in a radio app.

I get automatically logged off?

Why do I automatically get logged off at times?! Very annoying!

I use it every day! Gotta love it.

Job well done.

Great app

I really enjoy having this app on my phone - especially since it allows me to listen to my sisters radio show back in our hometown! One of the more useful apps I have on my phone...

Used to be an excellent app until.....

I am a long time user of this app. Today I had to reset my iPad. When I reinstalled this, it gave me no choice to but upgrade to their Premium subscription service (I.e. no skip button). Uninstalling and installing the (ad supported) free app. I would have given it 1 star had I not been a long time user of TuneIn.

Sounds good!

Great app for every day tuning

Record timer button not working

Please fix bug that prevents shows from being recorded after setting the record timer!

Excellent !

I use RFI all the Time. The best since I have tried so many before.

Tune in Radio Pro

Exceptional quality and expert record choice

New Beginings

5 stars. Very functional and my goto radio app.

Mostly s..t..I..n..k..s

Its ok but has technical issues. Also too expensive

Intelligent Skip ? Fix it!

Intelligent skip has not worked for over two years. My recordings (new & old) have stream info as your settings suggest is necessary for intelligent skip to work. Why havent you fixed this? You have had almost three years to fix it. It worked three and four years ago. Fix it and you get five stars! Bi weekly bug fixes for years and it still isnt fixed.

Much unimproved, F+

This review hasnt changed for...how many versions now? Once again: Still cant favorite new stations. Still cant reorder existing favorites. Just discovered unfavoriting doesnt work either. So the app has effectively been locked in a time capsule since the last working version. The basic functions still arent functioning. Still. I have a first-gen iPad with whatever version of TuneIn still works on that. And its way better. Vexatious to the max.

Never thought Id say this...

Having many options to choose from as far as radios go - I never thought I would care for a "paid" radio. Well, this is the most used Radio App hands down. TONS of stations that the other "3" dont have since it includes local stations to where I live...How they did this for such a low price, I have no idea. Trust me, if you read this review and you enjoy listening to radio - this is a must have. One of the best Apps I have and it deserves this review. I grabbed it and have not regretted it since. I have many songs and videos on my Ipod, and TuneIn radio just added thousands of more options to listen to. Plus, you can record the radio and replay anytime (even without wifi or 4g service)...basically you own what you record on your hard-drive of the device you are using. If you have a desire to listen to "foreign" stations then this App has them as well. Cant beat listening to European or Asian music from time to time... To Sum Up: Amazing selection, record feature, local stations to where you live, and so worth every penny!! Plus under 15 MB so it does not take up much valuable space... Get it, you wont be disappointed.


Ill say what everyone else is saying: Gets worse with every update.


I listen all day long. I listen to all the conservative radio shows I cant receive at home. I use my tunein radio 30 hours per day. The greatest. Thank you. Better reception than over the air.

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